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AMOREPACIFIC is a cosmetic company that has been founded by Sung-Whan Suh, and created in 1945. It’s among the greatest beauty companies in South Korea and attributes in the top 20 beauty businesses worldwide. In 2012, under the present president and CEO, Kyung-Bae Su, AMOREPACIFIC produced net sales of 3.02 billion.

AmorePacific is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015, and in September the company announced its plans in order to become a “Great Global Brand”.

Sung-Hwan Suh founded AmorePacific on the belief that indigenous Asian botanicals such as bamboo sap, green tea, and Korean ginseng support the secret to overall health and healthier skin. Therefore, fundamentally, a cushion basis is a chunk of sponge that is soaked with basis and housed in a particular lightweight.

As the nourishing skincare properties of green tea were becoming increasingly more clear to the skincare community, AMOREPACIFIC was created with the thought of integrating green tea into skin treatments.

From time the cosmetic company came into being until now, green tea continues to form a significant part of its product formulas and is still being grown in the mineral rich land of the Jeju Island. The parts of the green tea plants that have the significant skincare properties are often picked at the time of the day and year when their potency is at its best, so as to reap maximum benefits when the plant is processed into skin care treatments.

Regardless what type of problems you’ve got with your skin, it deserves perfect hydration. It may seem when you begin bathing your face more and bypass the moisturizer that the face will dry out a bit but really, the reverse occurs. When you always strip the oils from the skin, it feels like it needs to work twice as difficult to compensate for what it’s lost so your face really becomes more fattier and sees more breakouts.

AMOREPACIFIC can really help with skin hydration.

We’ve tried this years back whenever amore pacific first launched in the US, I believe (because the woman at the counter actually decanted samples for me personally and i did not even get everything, so it’s probably around when the brand ended up being totally unknown in america amd she had been helpful. Confusingly, Amore Pacific is additionally title of the leading brand of AmorePacific company.

AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Color Control Cushion SPF50

Yes, we shall talk in regards to the leading Amore Pacific Treatment Color Control Cushion these days. AmorePacific became the very first Korean cosmetics brand name to open up a shop in Bloomingdale’s, an iconic U.S. sequence of luxury malls. The AmorePacific Time Response arrived to the relief, and restored my skin to it’s summertime softness. The company claims it continued its study and has actually continuously improved technology and quality of its color control cushion products with over 15 improvements since its first launch. It has already been a well known item in Korea for convenience and according to international study company TNS Korea, 75 percent of Korean women have used or tend to be currently using Cushion items.

AmorePacific’s Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ set the record back 2012 when it comes to greatest sales growth in record-breaking time for just one product in the brand’s history. AmorePacific will continue to pioneer and lead the worldwide Cushion marketplace utilizing the business’s unparalleled technology and superior products. Made with hyacinth extract, caffeinated drinks, and oat extract, and improved with Bright T-Ferment, the formula absorbs into skin and produces a protective buffer around the area to stop drooping (ideal for the evening owl)! In the event that you are the very first time visitor of the amore pacific, i really recommend to decide to try their 30min face to check out their particular full product by purchase.

Other ingredients:- Using a product daily

Green Tea – AMOREPACIFIC was among the first businesses to stabilize the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol found in green tea. EGCG acts as a powerful, yet cell-friendly, antioxidant. Green tea is picked because of its oil, water, leaf extract, caffeine and Theanine, an amino acid.

Bamboo sap :- The sap obtained from bamboo trees is rich in amino acids and minerals. When used in professional skincare products, these ingredients help keep the skin hydrated.

Red ginseng : Red ginseng, when picked in the months of September and October, includes high amounts of saponin. This chemical compound stimulates the creation of hyaluronic acid in your skin, which reinforces the skin barrier and helps keep moisture.

And Amore Pacific, along with its leading namesake brand, elegant components, and similarly fancy cost tags fits nicely into that category. The menu of items supplied for purchase includes cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, toners, sunscreens, attention ties in, and exfoliators. If you think about the revenue of 2.877 billion euro in that framework, then suddenly as it happens that Amore Pacific packs very a punch. Action Five: Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Renewal Creme i’m going to be truthful, We have the toughest time maintaining up with attention creme on a daily foundation, but attempting the product over the final month makes myself more constant. And whenever I requested for the product to buy for my sister (yes, we’m am awesome sibling :P) – I happened to be provided the Iope Enzyme Powder Treatment Wash alternatively.

There are few tips to enhance its effectiveness as a moisturizer too.

Many dermatologists say they discover that most patients that come to see them for acne are either not wearing a moisturizer in any way or they’ve been using the wrong type. It’s important when you’ve got acne or oily skin which you use an oil-free moisturizer, otherwise called non comedogenic. An extremely recommended one is called On a Clear Day, produced by Philosophy. It’s silicone-established to lock in moisture, promotes skin clarity and it defends against dangerous environmental irritants. When you do apply your moisturizer, it should go over your layer of acne medication and consistently use up movements during the application.

User reviews

The first occasion I utilized the AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel, there clearly was a noticeable difference right when I rinsed my face. You definitely get exactly what you pay for, but that is $60USD, that isn’t one thing I possibly could regularly purchase.

User review 1

I’ve used the Amore Pacific line for four years and I’m really pleased with it! I’ve extremely sensitive skin; I often break out in rashes and discolor readily. So, Im really cautious about the products I pick because I cannot use cosmetics to cover up imperfections. I use the time release line. At 43, most people believe that I’m within my early thirties as a result of my perfect skin. This skin care line is more moderately priced for me than others I’ve used in the past..La Prarie, Sisley and Revive. Elizabeth Arden and Este Lauders lines were horrible for me.

User review 2

I will be contemplating using Amore Pacific skin care products.

I see it on Sephora and found the range gets high compliments online. I didn’t understand the products were made in Korea but seemingly they have been quite popular their. The price point is high and before I alter what I’m using now I want to understand how Amore Pacific compares with Elizabeth Arden Skin Care.

I am utilizing the AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Review since January and also think it’s great (and although We’m on a low-pH kick too, this hasn’t bothered my epidermis). Inventory packaging is an at-the-ready, blank canvas that companies can affordably liven up (or down) to suit their item needs.


In August 2011, AmorePacific successfully took over Annick Goutal, a high-end perfume brand produced in 1981 by a French pianist and design of the identical title. The ‘Cushion’ means a make-up compact built with specially-designed urethane foam that safely contains and preserves makeup liquid comprised of foundation, sunscreen and natual skin care formula.

Overall the user reviews are a mixed bag but I don’t see why you shouldn’t try this product line. They really have very well thought out product formulations and green tea is great for skin.

I mostly utilize my Clarisonic getting the remainder of my makeup off at night with a foaming cleanser, and make use of the AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel any other early morning to help the skin keep its glow. Another choice is to order sample sizes from ebay or just go into a Sephora (if you should be in the U.S.) to test it before investing a lot of money.

If you fail to have a facial here, please decide to try the AmorePacific Cleansing Oil ($50), Enzyme Exfoliator ($60), and at the least an example associated with Time Response cream …your skin may be dewy, radiant, and completely smooth.

This season, AmorePacific will carry on to follow a globalization method dedicated to its five biggest companies to maintain its ascending momentum in Asia and strengthen its presence in developed markets. First of all I would personally gave 4 stars for amore pacific products because I loved it- actually great for asian skin (mainly oily combo acne prone and dry in some area) their moisturizer is lightweight and absorb really quickly, even though the services and products is a bit on pricey side but its worth it.

These days, AmorePacific has its own eye on three financially rewarding areas: America, Asia and France. For sun defense, the organization provides a variety of creams, a sunscreen with SPF 30 and 50. As the leading supplier of Korean cosmetics in Asia, AmorePacific attributes its ever-stronger performance in the united states to its brand new stores, heavy advertising of its best-selling services and products and active electronic advertising. This eye creme is comparable to the skin creme – simply jaw-droppingly intensive and rich in texture.

Step Three: AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum This serum is applicable beautifully – I adore the consistency.

These also have a tendency to have enzyme peels for brightening and serum and lotions to tighten up skin.